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  • – Il Futuro dello Shopping online è una piattaforma Internet che permette a chiunque di fare grandi affari. Ogni giorno vengono aggiudicati all’asta decine di nuovi prodotti con un risparmio medio del 90% sul loro prezzo reale. Da molti definito come il futuro dello shopping online, MadBid ha di fatto rivoluzionato il mondo delle aste online. Questo blog vuole essere uno spazio dove affrontare e discutere tutti i temi che ruotano intorno al mondo delle Aste a pagamento: trend tecnologici, nuovi prodotti, ma anche condizioni d'asta e news dal mondo.

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    Come ricevere crediti su MadBid

    You put your eyes on the latest gadgets and you’re probably wondering how you can receive credits on MadBid to boost the capacity of your media. Do not be afraid, my friends, because we are going to list the various methods to get more credits, so you’ll be ready to challenge other users MadBid in battles with strokes of betting.

    Remember that there is no rush … 

    The amazing feature of MadBid is an amazing gadget that when the auction ends, you have a new beginning, so you do not have to hurry to recharge your credits. These have an expiration date rather long, so take your time, check how far up the prices of the products you want, so you know more or less when it is time to take part in the auction (do not wait until you are too close to the average closing price, otherwise you might miss an opportunity).

    Now we turn to the more credits you can receive on MadBid. The following 5 different options:

    1. The obvious choice is represented by the BOGOF offers, scheduled every week and sometimes more often, so wait for the code to double or even triple your credits.
    2. The following seems to be the most popular option to get a quick increase of credits. Our Treasure Packs are filled with free credits that you can use to bet on your favorite products before you use the ones you have paid. These loans will allow you to calculate the structure of your bets, and knowing when the time is right to point.
    3. It’s true, we have neglected a bit ‘small pleasures in the data from the free credit Free All Day toolbar, but we are going to introduce new activities to give you free credits as soon as possible. Therefore, keep an eye on the free section of the site all day.
    4. Even the Earned Discount is a great way to recover the credits. If you bet during an auction, and you did not win, because they used all of your credits paid in that auction to get more free credits by selection Discount Earned? In this way you are ready to go back to point at auctions with more resources at your disposal.
    5. A lot of people do not know this feature, but if you’re aiming carefully and know exactly how many credits you are using, this little feature is great for a stealthy increase your credits. This not only accepts any coupon code available, which allows you to always get the best deal after a purchase, but offers 10% more free credits for every purchase, and also every fifth refill credits is FREE.

    These are just a few ways in which you can ensure that you have so many credits in your account to bet on the items first class, including our car auction, the package Apple or any other object that inspires you the most. Also, check out our Google Plus page, where prizes are available for 500 free credits for fun contests and quizzes extravagant.


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